Children thrive when they have a fun movement based environment with their peers and family in their yard, garage, basement and even in the living room. It's a place where they have the opportunity to be creative and have a positive mindset through multi-sensory therapy challenges. From team building activities to pushing yourself to breaking personal records on a daily basis. I help to provide a striving environment using swings, scooter boards, monkey bars, rock walls, inflatable's and much more. I believe in using quality sensory based therapy products and clothing to help make a difference for the better in your child's life. I specialize in adapting to your personal style and making it exciting for your children by teaching you favorite themes as games.

- I work with you to create a custom sensory space to help your child overcome obstacles such as:

•Autism Spectrum Disorder
•Sensory Processing Disorder
•Fine/Gross Motor Problems
•Learning Disability
•Down Syndrome
•Cerebral Palsy
•Low Muscle Tone
•Poor Safety Awareness
•Poor Coordination
•Speech/Language/Auditory Processing Delay
•Low Self-Esteem
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