What I can say is that you are very conscientious and take your work very seriously. You seem driven to excellence and never seem to tire or run out of enthusiasm. Your ability to push kids beyond where they thought their limits were seems clear.

What I see in the girls is dramatic change. We've gone from Maddie crying and refusing to go to school to a happy skip on her way there and an enthusiasm for what she is doing. Izzy's been with Unique Prints less time but I notice improvements in here crashing into me and toileting in general.

When you communicate with me, again I notice the seriousness and dedication. You often have suggestions for what I can do with the girls, but never make me feel awkward when I cannot implement every one.

I think you did a wonderful job with Max. You had tons of suggestions for us. Max really enjoyed working with an older (all relative!) male that understood his struggles. We have nothing but positive feedback.

Rick and I feel very blessed to have you working with Joshua. We are always impressed by how caring and motivating you are towards him. We know that you have his best interest in mind. You are always trying to find new ways to challenge him at Unique Prints as well as home. You always have information to give us after his sessions to help us work with him at home. Your knowledge and genuine care for him and his needs are truly appreciated! We are confident that the work you have done with him has made a huge difference in his life!

Decker loves working with you. Whatever it is YOU do, is different than the other therapists (as well it should be), providing variety in Decker's therapy. I know you challenge him and know him well enough to push him when he needs it and provide incentives that truly motivate him. I love that you know Decker and what works best for him. One of the first times we were in he had to do something Star Wars related and the next time it was baseball related ... I love that you all really listened to us when we bragged on our child, so that his experience was engaging and relevant to him. I love how open you are to staying abreast of the most current research, topics, therapies and tools. I am constantly reading and researching, and I love how open your mind is to trying new things. Not all children are reached through one single modality, and I love that Unique Prints takes a whole child approach. I love hearing about all your new finds, and know that they make a difference for Decker. His cranial sacral therapist mentioned what a difference she thought his 5-finger shoes made for him.

Over the past year I have seen great changes in Sammy. He seems to be more in control of his body and the choices that he makes. His focus is better and his social skills are improving weekly. There have been times when I wonder if OT is really necessary, and if it is indeed affecting these changes. The answer to both of those questions is yes, of course. The thing that I appreciate most about the way that you work with him is your "seriousness". You aren't all fun and games. You challenge him, make him follow through etc. He sees you as an important authority figure. This is really important because he listens to you and you make him think.

I appreciate your focus on making safe choices. This is something that we incorporate into daily life. I also appreciate the home activities, equipment and supplement recommendations that you have given us. Thanks for all you do. We really do appreciate the passion that you have for your work.

My son (now nine years old) had the fortunate opportunity to work with Alex at Unique Prints. They worked during Jackson's during occupational therapy sessions on/off for about six months. During this time I felt that Alex was very in tune with Jackson. Jackson became more self-regulated and able to deal with the everyday 'stuff' that life delivers. In addition, Jackson attended Alex's six week boot camp session in the summer. Alex made each session dynamic for kids-pushing them and their bodies. Jackson worked on building physical strength by Alex's thoughtful planning (all in the great outdoors) while working on teamwork, winning and losing, and other important life skills.

We feel lucky that we had the opportunity to work with Alex and definitely saw the progress in our son during their time together.

We think you do a wonderful job with Lexi. As you may know we specifically altered our schedule so that she could come to OT with you at least once a week. We have taken your advice on gifts for birthdays and Christmas and many of your suggestions are her favorites. When we get ready for OT I tell her we are going to see Mr Alex and she drops everything she is doing and rushes to get ready.

Her flexibility and cooperation have improved greatly since she has been working with you, as have her coordination. She does well at games school as well as home and her circle of friends has grown since she is able to participate in more games thanks to the skills she has learned with you. We have also noticed good progress after using the headphones. We hope she will continue to grow in her flexibility and focus so that she can be successful in kindergarten next year both socially and in her ability to access the education. We continue to be very interested in any and all new methods that may help her in her journey.

Thank you for being a big part of her success.

Thank you for all you do for Andy. I so love and appreciate your creativity and skill with the kids and your so much fun.

Alex has been my son's Occupational Therapist for over a year at Unique Prints. He has really spent time in getting to know his needs physically for self-modulation and coordination, and cognitively for academic purposes. Alex has researched products that have been found to be useful in his day to day treatment of self-regulation. We have used several of his recommendations and they have made improvements in home and school for our son. We have truly appreciated the time he has spent person to person discussing personal issues and setting appropriate goals. He has become a positive role model for our son and our son looks forward to his Occupational therapy sessions with him.

… "Those of you with boys should definitely make an appointment with Alex. He has a gift for working with them, especially those who seem to have "grown out of UP". As an athlete, Alex understands the way the body operates. As a therapist, Alex can help you understand how and why our kids operate the way they do, and what we can do to help channel their energy in esteem-building ways. I think he is a vital asset to UP, and we are lucky to have so many awesome therapists to choose from!!"

Raechel, being your oldest student in age, enjoyed working with you and all of your fun activities. You put so much effort into helping us in every aspect of her therapy, from clothing suggestions to food ideas and fun and relaxing exercises. You really put a lot of time and effort into us and we really appreciated the opportunity to work with you. I believe you covered every area that we had questions or issues with and jumped right in to suggest anything that would help. We thank you.

Thank you for all the work you've done with Rylan. He has made awesome strides under your direction and we're grateful that we had the opportunity to have him work with you. You truly understand the kids' needs you work with and that shines through in their progress and their excitement to be there each week.

While Truitt (my son) was at Unique Prints, Alex was a crucial and dynamic part of his transformation. When we began going my son had an extremely limited diet and was in the ninth percentile for weight. Because of Alex's dedication and creative methods of introducing new foods into his diet, within nine months Truitt grew to the forty-fifth percentile in weight. He now is eating various colors and textures of vegetables, fruits, and several meats. What seemed to be an unreachable dream, Alex made reality. He has transformed not only my son's life, but our entire family. In addition, there were several noises that would trigger an extreme response in Truitt. He would cover his ears, sometimes cry, and would seemingly be afraid at times. As Alex continued working with my son he would respond fewer and fewer times to these noises that previously were so alarming. Now, Truitt rarely responds to noises. Another major area of transformation has been my son's ability to transition well. Previously there were specific transitions that I dreaded because I knew it would be very difficult for Truitt. Alex has helped so much that transitional struggles are obsolete. I also want to include how deliberate Alex was about equipping parents and providing realistic and effective tools for at home therapy. The profound impact Alex has made in Truitt's life, along with our entire family, is immeasurable. He is gifted, compassionate, understanding, and innovative in his approach to pediatric occupational therapy. I can't speak highly enough of Alex's dedication to meeting children where they are at and leading them to their full potential.

It has been our pleasure working with Alex at Unique Prints Therapy services over the past 2 years. We started our journey in 2012 with our then 3 year old son. We were matched with Alex because it was thought to be a perfect match for our son, and as it turns out, it sure was. When we started with him, our son was struggling with sensory integration disorder, emotional regulation, core instability and some behavioral issues. Our son instantly connected with Alex, trusted him and enjoyed the " play " they did twice a week. As he worked with our son, we began to see positive changes almost immediately. Alex brought a lot of personal and professional experience and knowledge to each therapy session. Alex helped our son work through his sensory challenges and helped create an appropriate sensory foundation that ultimately gave our son confidence in himself. He was able to work at accepting sensory input correctly and build better core strength which improved his overall coordination and balance. Alex helped guide us through the Wilbarger protocol this past summer in which we saw huge positive changes in our sons emotional regulation and anger management. We feel so blessed that we had such a wonderful therapist who truly cared about our son and his outcome from therapy. In fact, because of the team's hard work, we just recently graduated from OT as our son has met all of his goals over this past two years. We can't thank Alex and all the team who worked with our son enough. We truly have an amazing little boy who can now live his life to his fullest potential. We wish Alex the very best as he starts a new journey helping many more families. Thank you Alex!!

Alex Lopiccolo worked with my 7 year old son for several months at Unique prints. During their time together Tristan and Alex developed a great rapport and Tristan was always happy to go work with Alex and be challenged with the next step in his therapy. Through his work with Alex, Tristan has developed more balance, self control and core strength, and is more likely to try something new that he may not have been interested in before. Alex was able to work some of Tristan's interests, like soccer, into his therapy making the time they spent together fun for him and not at all like drudgery. Alex always had helpful advice after our sessions about things we could try at home to increase the changes we sought in Tristan. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who has a child who is in need of Occupational therapy as he has great relationships with his patients and innovative ideas about how to achieve their goals.

After several years of experimenting various sensory activities and equipment with our three young kids, all with both similar and varying sensory and motor needs, we finally decided that we needed a well thought out space where we could work more strategically with our kids to provide more consistent sensory input throughout our busy days.

Alex was able to provide a thoughtful and comprehensive plan not only for an effective sensory gym, but for our entire home. He looked at all of our living spaces to help organize and improve each area to meet the needs of our kids from a sensory perspective. Creating a sensory gym was critical for us, but the reality was that we did not spend all of our time in the basement so it was important for us to create an ideal

sensory environment throughout our house. He helped create more calming environments for the kids’ bedrooms and quiet and fine motor activity spaces in central areas.

Alex is uniquely positioned to design home sensory gyms because while many OT’s may be able to provide ideas, not many have had actual experience designing a home sensory gym. Alex has a passion for equipment and gear and extensive knowledge about different options and what works and what does not. He understands how to best install the equipment and use it safely within the home. Having had the benefit of working with my oldest daughter in the clinic, he was also able to pull on his experience and knowledge of her needs and how she reacted to specific equipment and activities but also took into consideration the needs of her younger siblings and how all three would be able to grow with the gym. His recommendations are all purposeful—not just a listing of lots of gear and equipment but some key things he feels will help your child. It is still an investment but one that you have control over. He is open and flexible to your needs and concerns and modifies as you discuss the plan. Alex also tries to use what you have to minimize costs and is very creative about his solutions. We have an old home that often presents structural problems and he worked with our contractor to create the most ideal space within the structural limitations of our house.

Most importantly, Alex cares about the end result and followed up to find out how our kids liked it, whether they were able to use it as planned or if we needed to make modifications, and whether was it effective in providing the desired sensory outcome. He also came back to work with the kids to explain the rules and how to use the equipment safely, which was really important for us. Our sensory gym has become critical in providing the sensory input our kids need to help regulate themselves and we would not been able to achieve the same results without his knowledge, experience, and creativity.

My son has seen Mr. Alex for about 2.5 years for Occupational Therapy. Whenever I would tell my son he has OT, he immediately replies, "Mr. Alex!". He always looked forward to seeing/playing with him. Mr. Alex has been very professional, patient, and creative with all his activities. We truly felt he was in tune with how unique our son was and adapted to him well. The feedback after OT sessions and ideas for home treatment were a wealth of information. We also value his presence on the internet via YouTube videos and social media posts...always sharing information with parents. It's been a wonderful gift having him as a positive male role model for my son!

We have been attending Unique Prints for sensory processing disorder for over three years now. Our child has worked with Mr. Alex extensively at Unique Prints, especially over the last year. In my experience, he is the most dedicated, effective, and imaginative occupational therapist I have ever encountered. Every time he works with my child he has a new OT exercise he has invented in the gym, as well as tools and techniques for you to use at home. This dedication keeps the occupational therapy interesting for my child, and also highly effective. He works with every aspect of the child: physical, social, emotional, and even anticipates the needs that the child will have in the future. He is well acquainted with all of the latest materials and theories in his field, and is nothing less than spectacular to watch in action. My child has transformed under his guidance physically, socially, and emotionally into someone able to handle life situations that he would not have been able to handle without OT. I consider Mr. Alex not only a leader in his field, but a groundbreaking and transformative force in the field of OT for sensory processing. To have a chance to work with Mr. Alex is to have a chance to make an invaluable change in your child's life.

My son has worked with Mr. Alex for almost three years and we have seen such dramatic improvements in him. Mr. Alex is not only knowledgeable, he is kind and passionate about seeing every child succeed. When my son first started with Mr. Alex he wouldn't even touch a playground, but with the help of Mr. Alex, he is now all over the jungle gym and climbs to the top with no fear. Mr. Alex also recommended a Strider bike for him which enabled him to ride a bike without training wheels. He has great advice on what shoes are best to what exercises to work on. It has been such a pleasure to work with Mr. Alex. Our family is grateful for all he done for us.

Alex, my son's occupational therapist, has been an extraordinary help!! Alex has helped our son transform from a little boy with sensory issues and a lack of attention and high anxiety to a more confident, focused, & secure child. Alex's creativity and determination was the perfect approach to help meet my son's goals. He is truly a sensory smart OT who understands how sensory issues affect kids at home and school, and can offer invaluable guidance. He gave us several tools, advice & guidance to help our son progress even further at home, including (but not limited to,) a self made crash pad, Ocean Wave (and accompanying activities), sensory swings, and scooter/bungee exercises. He essentially helped us create a home-gym conducive to our house specifications & our son's specific needs, which has been immensely beneficial!!

Additionally, Alex has an in depth knowledge of many types of therapies and techniques, three of which we did in conjunction with weekly occupational therapy: Jin Shin, Music Therapy and the Wilbarger brushing protocol. Alex provided all the necessary training and tools/schedules for the Wilbarger protocol and helped us stay on track with bi-monthly check-ins. He's very proactive in finding ways to help your child outside the clinic and he is always willing to strategize with other professionals, the parents, and child in order to ensure that your sensory kid gets the support he needs in every environment.

In short, I can't imagine finding a more experienced, well qualified and dedicated therapist and would (and have) recommended him to anyone whose child could benefit from occupational therapy. If you have a chance to work with him, jump on the opportunity!

Alex is an amazing therapist!  His clear dedication to helping kids and the ingenuity he brings to every appointment makes him an amazing asset.  We first met Alex when we were in the process of being taught how to perform the Wilbarger technique.  It was instilled in us how important it was to do it correctly every time.  Alex did an amazing job of teaching myself, my husband and my mother (all Trevor's caregivers) how to properly brush him and the results were miraculous!  This made such a positive difference in my child!  I'm convinced he wouldn't be where he is today without the efforts that we and Alex put in to it.

Alex also has an amazing mind for creating wonderful physical games and obstacle for kids. Trevor's appointments with him were some of the most fun, unique appointments he had.  That?s due to Alex's creativity and quest to make something better and more fun with which to work with each child.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Alex and his ability to work with children. Any child that gets time with him will be better for it!